A is for Atom:
ABCs for Aspring Chemists

It’s never too early to get kids excited about science!

Grab a kid (or don’t) and join Dr. Pawling as he guides young readers on a colorfully-illustrated journey through the ABCs of chemistry!

Written and illustrated by chemists, this book is a great way to introduce children to actual scientific concepts and terminology while teaching them the alphabet.

A is for Atom: ABCs for Aspiring Chemists was designed with all age-ranges in mind. It’s brightly colored and rhymes – so it’s great to read to an infant or toddler. It’s good for pre-k kiddos because it exposes them to scientific concepts as they learn the alphabet… and it’s even fun for older kids because it gets them excited about science as they practice their reading skills. (We’ve heard from two schools in Illinois who said their first and second graders love the book)!

A is for Atom: ABCs for Aspiring Chemists proudly manufactured in the USA.